Elise Bachelard

Professional property appraisals

Why engage a real estate expert to appraise a residential property?

To ensure a balanced and impartial assessment of the true value of your property. Other valuations may run the risk of proving inaccurate resulting in difficult negotiations at a later date.

At what point would you advise me to involve a real estate expert in market value in residential property?

The specialist will assist you, on your request, to assess your property - with the objective of guiding you in the decisions surrounding, for example, sales or purchases, inheritance and succession, gifts, divorce or other division of assets, and in fulfilling statutory tax declarations.

What guarantees can the evaluator provide?

The expert will perform his duties using his professional experience and qualifications. They will provide a thorough official written report with integrity and without bias using the guidelines laid down by the CENTRE NATIONAL de l’EXPERTISE en Évaluation Immobilière.

What is the professional insurance for the expert valuer?

The expert is subject to a code of conduct that holds them responsible for the methodology used in the preparation of their report.  Their report can be used in many situations  as it is generally respected for its objectivity and impartiality.

What is the cost of engaging the services of a professional valuer?

The expert will prepare a detailed estimate of the costs, prior to commencing, based on the precise demands of the client.  The estimate will set out the amount of the deposit needed to cover initial expenses, together with the rates the will be applied in completion of the task. The deposit should be paid prior to commencing the evaluation with the balance on completion of the report.

Does your expertise comply with a legal framework?

We have at our disposal specific analysis techniques, market knowledge and evaluation methods recognized by all Experts in accordance with the recommendations of European Standards of expertise approved by TEGoVA.