Any questions? We’re here to help! As the link between the seller and buyer, we strive to make each party at ease and we are always available to successfully manage the process that you have entrusted to us. Simply put: we never lose sight of the fact that our family-owned agency owes its success to our clients.

Why choose Antoine Immobilier Chamonix for buying or selling a property?

Because we grew up here and we know this valley like the back of our hand. But also because we're a family-owned agency, with all the values that come with it. Choosing us means receiving clear, rapid and precise answers to all of the questions that may come to you between the viewings and the sale agreement. It means resting assured that all of the properties that we offer for sale have been analysed and valued either by us, or by an independent property expert in the case of an exclusive listing.   

How much are your agency commissions and who has to pay them?

In France the agency fees are already included in the advertised asking price for the property and are paid by the seller. Our fees are generally 5% VAT included. However, in case of exclusivity, commission sometimes is reduced to 4% VAT included of the selling price.

How is the property listing advertised?

As soon as you sign the listing agreement, whether it’s exclusive or non-exclusive, we get to work. We spread the word to our customer base via different channels: your property is listed on our well-indexed website, www.antoine-immo.com; an email alert is sent to our potential buying customers; the listing is displayed in our shop window in the heart of Chamonix, providing high visibility between a 4-star hotel and the Press House; and it is listed on online property portals such as seloger.com or fnaim.com.  

I’m looking to buy a property in Chamonix, but I can’t find a property that’s right for me. Do you have any ideas?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you’re looking for. We will send you targeted information on properties that may fit your criteria. If any of them interest you, a viewing can be booked, and if any building or maintenance work is needed, our good relationships with various trade companies mean that you will receive quick responses on the feasibility and cost of the work.  

How much will the property be?

After we visit the property, we carry out a valuation. This valuation will take into account the information submitted by the owner, the information that we have on sale prices for similar properties, as well as our knowledge of current demand. Our effectiveness is proven by our 20-year presence in the property sector and our realistic overview of the market.  

What happens if there is a negotiation on the sale price?

Prices are often negotiated, except in very exceptional circumstances! It’s here that our extensive mediation experience comes into play. With good arguments and persuasion techniques, we reach an agreement on the sales price which meets the expectations of the seller as well as the buyer. In addition to the price, we also analyse all of the points of the new offer in order to judge its seriousness and validity. To do this, we always create a formal document called the purchase offer.  

How do I get a mortgage from a bank in order to finance a property purchase?

In general, a bank will finance up to 70% of the cost of a property (not including legal fees), but the maximum amount that you can borrow depends on your financial situation and your ability to pay back the amount, which is calculated by the bank. If you wish, we can put you into contact with a local bank. And for a quick calculation of what your monthly costs might be, you can use our mortgage calculation tool.

What other fees are involved in buying a property?

The sales prices displayed here include agency fees. The legal fees (stamp duty and notary fees) are to be paid by the buyer and amount to roughly 7.5% of the cost (fees are reduced to 3% for a new build).  

What will my obligations be if I rent out my property?

There is high demand for weekly, seasonal or annual apartment or chalet rental in Chamonix, especially in the winter. The income you receive from renting out a property must be declared in your tax return in France, although you can deduct certain property charges from this income, for example, co-ownership fees or even mortgage interest. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

How long does it take to record a sale?

It will take around 6-8 weeks after signing the agreement for the sale to be recorded through an official deed. During this time, the notary is required to carry out some formalities, while the buyer can formalise their mortgage request through their bank.

As a seller, will I be subject to capital gains tax?

For informational purposes, we calculate the capital gains on the property, if applicable. Our aim is to provide the seller with all of the information that they need to make a decision, which includes full disclosure on the net sale price, or the price after deducting agency fees and the potential capital gains.

What is the sale agreement?

The sale agreement covers all of the conditions of purchase (property price, suspensive mortgage conditions, sale completion date, etc.). Please note that you have the right to bring in a notary of your choice to represent you, without incurring additional costs. Remember, we don’t sell properties - we sell service!