May 16th - 2020 The Chamoniard Real Estate Market after containment

We are very happy to inform you that Antoine Immobilier has re opened, after a two-month stoppage due to quarantine. Obviously, things are not exactly as they used to be: we took advantage of these last two months to set up virtual tours for any property we promote. In addition to the detailed photos, from now on, a video of each property is available. This represents a real time-saver for any potential buyer who has now the possibility to preview the property before visiting, making things easier to have a short list.

It is also essential for us to carry out these visits in compliance with sanitary rules: we will have hydro alcoholic gel, over-shoes, masks and gloves available at your disposition, meaning better security for the owner, and safer visits for our clients.

Personalized long-distance contacts with virtual tours of the property, top-quality visits, maximum protection so as not to put yourself in danger : this is how we work today at Antoine Immobilier. So please, keep on taking care of yourself and do not hesitate to contact us for any information request in complete safety !


Special report real estate - 29.08.2017

Article Dauphiné Libéré

February 2017 - The evaluation of a property in Chamonix

Part of our mission is to evaluate real estate assets to determine their selling price.

It is a delicate exercise that must take into account the analysis of very precise data such as physical factors (current and potential state of the property, habitable surface, weighted area, architectural quality, quality of materials, maintenance, location, neighborhood), legal data (land zoning, exposure to natural hazards, tenure of the property), and economic data (market trends, changes in interest rates Borrowing, the trend of the Euro against foreign currencies, taxation, the rental market trend).

We use different approaches to efficiently "capture" the value of a property, the main one being the comparative method of comparing real property with other similar properties to deduce market value or market value, Difficulty in Chamonix being to find comparable properties.

In addition to the method of valuation by comparison, one can also apply the method of discounting income, many goods generating rental income.

Currently, market conditions are boosted by several factors: the attractiveness of the chamoniard market, which is assimilated to a safe haven in this uncertain economic climate, historically low borrowing rates and a rental return boosted by the short-term rental demand. However, even if our approach is complete, the real estate market is under such pressure that the owner who intends to put up for sale his apartment, his land or chalet in the Chamonix valley is afraid to sell it and therefore, tends to overestimate it preferring the strategy of "waiting for an offer".

In the case of borrowing (and in view of the rates, this is quite common), we note that the bank is increasingly calling on evaluation experts. Indeed, in a highly competitive market, bank margins are reduced and banks can no longer afford to provide financing if the collateral has been overvalued. It is at this point that the logic of the market naturally recovers. Thanks to these rational and objective assessments, the seller is confronted with the real value of his property and the buyer is reassured that he does not overpay. Often, these appraisals are in line with our opinion of value. There is therefore a return to a healthier basis and this situation has the effect of limiting the speculative bubble.

It should be added that the fight against money laundering and tax evasion has eliminated "payers". We see a return to rationality because banks that only finance goods whose prices correspond to the true value: the prices of goods presented in the windows or on the internet are far from the prices of the transactions.

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